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Learn to Write Quality Content Quickly

Learning to write quickly is a crucial skill for anyone doing article marketing. The marketer who can write four articles in an hour is going to get four times the traffic of someone who can only write one article an hour.

So, how do you write quality content quickly?
=> Write from Experience
Avoid writing about topics you don’t know. If you know real estate well, then don’t write about health or internet business.
Doing research takes a lot of time. When you’re writing about topics you don’t know well, you’ll write with less confidence and therefore less speed.
On the other hand, when you’re writing from your own knowledge and experience, you’ll often be able to hammer out articles quickly, like clockwork.
Choosing the right topics alone can make a huge difference.

=> Learn to Type “Properly”
A lot of people develop their own ways of typing that aren’t technically correct. While that’s perfectly fine for most people, if writing fast is directly linked to the amount of money you make, it makes sense to learn to type in the fastest way possible.
Get in the habit of placing all your fingers on the home keys. Use the appropriate fingers for each key press. It may feel awkward at first if you’ve been typing differently for years, but in a month or two your typing speed will increase.
If you often need to look at the keyboard to type, that’s also a habit worth trying to break. Make a conscious effort not to look at your keyboard when you’re typing. If it helps, practice by typing in the dark when you can’t see your keyboard. (Don’t overdo it, though; it’s bad for your eyes.)

=> Learn Keyboard Shortcuts
Learning keyboard shortcuts can also increase your speeds a lot. CTRL+S for save, CTRL+C for copy, ALT+TAB to switch to your browsers, etc.
Anytime you find yourself using a mouse, look up the corresponding keyboard shortcut and try to use that next time.
Each time you reach for the mouse, you lose a few seconds. It may not seem like much, but over the course of an hour, a day, a week it really adds up.

=> Write Fast, Don’t Edit
Instead of writing and editing (i.e. correcting misspelled words, grammar, etc.) try writing the whole article as fast as you can without editing.
Then go back and edit the articles later. This helps keep you in the “flow” of writing without having to break pace.
These tips combined can help take your writing speed to as much as double of what it is today in just a month or two. Pick the ones that apply to you and practice them today. You might not notice a shift immediately, but in time the change in speed will be drastic.