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How to Design a Brand Logo for Your Startup Marketing Campaign

There are many challenges that startups have to face in the beginning such as targeting their niche market, spreading the word out and maintaining a steady bottom line. Out of all these, getting the message out to the consumers and marketing the business effectively can require a lot of work and effort. As a startup owner, if you cannot come up with a creative and appealing marketing campaign or strategy, you might find it difficult to stay within the industry. In order to establish your business and become a recognized brand, you have to try and come up with an impressive marketing campaign. Now, this can only happen with the help of attractive graphic design and an eye-catching visual brand identity.

how to design brand logo

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In a startup marketing campaign, the brand symbol can play a huge role in getting your message through and convincing the consumers to choose your company with imagery, type and symbols. When it comes to designing a brand logo for the marketing campaign, these are a few things to keep in mind.

Highlight Your industry

For example, if the business is related to the beauty industry, your brand logo for the campaign could promote your products or services through its design. It could be a combination mark with an image and your company name, or just a wordmark too. Think about some of the biggest beauty brands in the world such as Fenty, L’Oreal or Estee Lauder. They have all made good use of wordmarks for logos to become recognized brands across the world.

fenty beauty

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Otherwise, there are those who give the customers a clear idea of what they are about with the use of imagery such as Origins. The tree is associated with the organic and natural skincare products that the company is known for. Those startups that are looking for a beauty logo creator can find a variety of options to come up with a relevant and customized logo concept.

perfect beauty

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origins logo

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Choose Custom Options

You do not want to have a brand identity design that seems like a copy of another or done quickly on clip art. The audience wants to know that you have put in the work and are providing them with quality. So your design has to be custom and something unique. You can easily find templates, tools and graphic techniques that can help you create a logo with custom font, various color combinations and icons. Other than that, you always have the option of going for a professional logo designer and collaborating with them for a brand logo for your startup marketing campaign.

Brainstorm the Right Words and Sketch

Basically, this is about finding the right words to describe your business or brand and then brainstorming ideas. Think of companies like Puma for example here. The animal jumping in the logo represents the brand in the best way possible and shows the customers that they will get reliability, speed and power with the products. The idea probably came up when the designer or business owner started to look up those words to describe what they had to offer. Similarly, if your startup is in the automotive industry, you can search up relevant words related to car services, dealers and auto parts. Once you have a few keywords in mind, you can begin sketching different ideas. Try out simple colors and shapes at first and then keep on improving the design until you get exactly what you want.

puma logo 1

Image Source: 1000logos.net

Test and Validate

For your startup marketing campaign, you need something that works immediately. How do you find that out? With the help of online surveys and polls that you can create through any of the tools available. Look up surveymonkey or sogosurvey, both of which will allow to get an idea of the design that connects and appeals with the audience instantly. In the future, this can also allow you to get an insight into the preferences and tastes of the consumers so you can tweak or upgrade your logo accordingly.

Choose Versatile Fonts and Colors

In marketing, the more versatile and scalable your logo is, the higher its reach. Since it will appear on various print and digital media platforms, you have to consider a design that looks appealing everywhere. The startup brand identity design should have color contrasts and combinations that work well on lighter and darker backgrounds. Consider logos of MasterCard and Slack. They not only look appealing on billboards, in magazines and papers but also have the same impact on screen. You can put them against a black, white or any neutral background and the brand symbols would stand out.

Similarly, the fonts should also be picked out with this in mind. Be it Serif or Sans Serif, the overall appearance and typography has to catch the eye on various mediums.


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To Sum Up

The brand logo of your marketing campaign can be at the center of your branding strategy. It could not only attract customers but also help get your startup off the ground. If you design it by focusing on the above mentioned factors, you might find recognition and success in a short span of time.

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